Clatique is based on the CMS modified by us by the creation of panoramic, stereoscopic, 2D or stereoscopic virtual reality modules, and 360° videos.

The name CLATIQUE comes from CLAsse informaTIQUE.
In object-oriented programming, a computer class is the grouping of members , methods and properties (attributes) common to a set of objects.

We use Linux for the following free software: Audacity, Blender, Firefox, Filezilla, Hugin, The Gimp, Thunderbird and Xnconvert.
We use Windows for the DaVinci Resolve Studio software , Fs2020, and Insta360 Studio/Pro2.
We test everything under Android, Linux, Mac, Windows.

Administered by Mr. Didier Ratel, with the help of Dominique Ratel, it is hosted by O2switch.
Photos of the stereoscopic galleries taken in 1915 belong to Mr. Yves Grassettie.

A cookie (small text file copied to your device) is used to identify members and record your stereoscopic vision parameters.
Any reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, retransmission or publication, even partial, of the content, is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Clatique.
Use of the site is prohibited for AI systems. (artificial intelligence).

Sources: Wikipedia, local town halls, testimonies from residents of the towns crossed.

Crue du Mouzon à Neufchâteau


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